About Georg

“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.”
Finish Proverb

Long before discovering the tango, Georg was using his legs already for dancing. But through the first contact with the tango argentino world at a vernissage with an included milonga, he got not only passionate about tango but decided also to put all his effort into understanding the true nature behind.

Years passed and his flat got filled with tango shoes, whereas the nights got shorter (or longer) because of all the dancing. He defines the tango argentino for himself as follows:

Tango is for me like a conversation. Everyone has his or her unique story to tell, everyone wants to share his thoughts. Awareness, listening to the other person and precision in expression help to understand each other. Patience and the intention to perceive also the other’s story make it possible to let both partners contribute their share to the conversation. Every impulse by the leader is an invitation. The more distinct this invitation is formed, the more willingly the partner will follow.
Through giving the necessary time for the follower to accept the invitation and the possibility to add his or her share, harmony and connection can develop to both dancers delight.

Moreover Georg is also fascinated by the complexity of the music, which he considers to be extraordinary rich in varieties and profoundness. Plus, so he thinks, the most captivating thing about tango is the exceptional way you get to know people – “something you can experience only dancing tango.”