Tango lessons

“Tango is the most beautiful dance that exists. One has to put power in it, a lot of tenderness – and many hours of work.”
Antonio Todaro

Anatomically aligned and healthy movements are the base for relaxed dancing. To concentrate on the elementary but essential components will guide us to a solid foundation that helps to develop creative energy to vary those elements on the dance floor.

Simple walking to ochos, basic steps to ornaments. Often it looks quite complicated, but is at heart simple. Through understanding the patterns of movements, one can easily improve.

posture/axis/balance, walking, parallel and cross system, directions, connection, open and closed embrace, cross, spiral technique/dissociation/torsion, pivot, ocho, parada and pasada, rhythm/tempo/change of tempo, orientation on the dancefloor, giro, barrida, sacada, enrosque/lapiz/planeo, embellishments, rebote, gancho, change of embrace, tango/milonga/vals, social dancing, circular and linear boleos, enganche, colgada, volcada, soltada, combinations, improvisation, dancing without much space, music/orchestras/structures, …

Private lessons can be arranged individually. Please contact me for further information.